09.12.2021 : Dr. Vikram Athawale, Post Doctoral Fellow Gokhale Institute of Politics & Economics, Pune chu Central YMA Office-ah a lo leng a, Pu Vanlalruata President, Tv. Lalhmachhuana Vice President leh Prof. Lalnuntluanga General Secretary ten an lo dangsawng.

10.12.2021 : Aijal Club Conference Hall-ah Mizoram State Commission for Women buatsaihin Consultation-cum-Review Meeeting on “The Mizo Marriage, Divorce and Inheritance of Property Act, 2014” neih a ni a, Pu L.T. Zodinliana CEC leh Pu Lalsiamliana CEC an tel.

10.12.2021 : SAD Conference Hall-ah State Level Sub-Committee on Fire Prevention meeting neih a ni a, Prof. Lalnuntluanga General Secretary a tel.

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